One of my favorite bands that I ever met on the road was D.C.'s legendary TURBOSLUT. They were four women resurrecting the spirit of bands like SPITBOY while putting their own spin on the genre, especially their later stuff which had a definite noisy-sludge element happening. Unfortunately for the human race, they broke up a few years back. I was crestfallen upon receiving this news, and my fellow bandmates and I tried diligently to convince the ladies to reunite so we could tour Australia. I recall very distinctly sitting outside of the van in Austin late one night before a show pleading with various members of the band. It just wasn't meant to be. Luckily, I kept in touch with vocalist/guitarist/life coach Beck, and she sent me a demo tape of her new band in the mail this past month.

They are called THE GIFT. While retaining the bleak lyrical content and punk edge of Turboslut, the songs have a noisy grunge influence that really set them apart. The vocals are heavier on the singing, with some shrieks thrown in at the right moment. One song starts off really pop-punkish and transitions flawlessly into straight up dissonant black metal, complete with blast beat.

My favorite thing about this band is how they really don't sound like any other band happening right now, even though you can hear strands of different genres spread out in these songs.

Word has it that they might be down here in October to play with GHASTLY CITY SLEEP. More details as I get them.



We Need To Talk

We Need to Talk - It's Not Us It's You

I met Matt Sexton eons ago in a past life where I lived in New Orleans. We both went to punk/metal/whatever shows and attended the University of New Orleans. Over time we had always talked about starting bands together, which we eventually did. Unfortunately, none of our bands lasted very long or played shows, which the exception of Hundred Eyes (a thrashy hardcore band that did a lot of Tragedy aping) who played a few shows in Baton Rouge and New Orleans (notably a couple shows with anarcho-legends REQUIEM and a show in a gutted-out house in Lakeview right after Katrina with MATT & Kim, of all bands). That band eventually fell apart for many different reasons, but out of its ashes-- and without Matt-- formed We Need to Talk. Shorter songs, more blastbeats, etc. I bring up Matt because this band would've never formed without him, and I would've never got to play in such an enjoyable group. Also, we've been friends for a long time and I credit him with getting me into a lot of the punk/metal stuff I listen to these days, which influenced my drumming on this record a whole, whole lot. Cheers, mate.

WNTT was around for a few years, and in that time we did 9 days on the east coast with my other band Thou, a Florida/east coast tour with LOADED FOR BEAR from Chicago, tons of BR/NOLA shows, and Thou vocalist/long time New Orleans Punk Dictator Bryan Funck put out this sweet 7" for us.

Our last show was in Baton Rouge with American Cheeseburger in a squatted apartment on Carlotta St. and was one of my favorite shows of all time. Someone had to break into the place with a crowbar, but luckily the power was still hooked up. Louisiana Punk Rock.


1. 96
2. Push Pit
3. I'd Rather Die Twice Than Be Born Again
4. No "I" in "Fuck You"
5. Am I Meant to be Lunch for Leviathans?
6. The Ramifications Will Be Damnifications
7. Unholy Outlaw
8. Getting Used to Not Being Remarkable/This is Not a Song About Regret
9. Riff Limit

This download was ripped straight from the vinyl, and the songs are so short that I just broke it up into two tracks (Side One and Side Two). Boo Hoo.