A long mix made for Antigravity Radio on WHIV New Orleans 102.3

Rrose - “Hole” 
Silent Servant - “The Strange Attractor” 
Supplicate - 2 
Second Woman - “////\\”
Holly Herndon - “An Exit” 
Crimewave - “Reynard”
Virusse - “Cailleach” 
Cocteau Twins - “The Spanglemaker” 
Georg Friedrich Haas - “String Quartet no. 5” (excerpt)
Huerco S. - “Untitled” (excerpt)
Rachel’s - “Air Conditioning/A Closed Feeling” (excerpt)
Supplicate - 4
Unknown - “An Infinity Of Seal” (excerpt)

Cloud Rat “Amber Flush” 
Drab Majesty - “Dot In The Sky”
Nisennenmondai - live Boiler Room session (excerpt)
Supplicate - “lookback”
Grace - “Untitled B2” 
Various Artists: “Ketjak - The Ramayan Monkey Chant”
Weyes Blood - “Dream Song” 
John Cage - “Dream”
Portishead - “Hunter”
josephprein - “In The Air Tonight Drum Fill for 1 hour 10 minutes at 99.9%, 100%, and 100.1% speed” (excerpt)

Kay Starr - “Wheel Of Fortune”

V/A - Cumbias Discos Fuentes

A fantastic mix of scratchy old Cumbia records from the Discos Fuentes label. 

V/A - Lost Dreams: The New Orleans Vocal Groups

This is a short overview of the brief New Orleans doo-wop scene of the 1950s as seen through the lens of Imperial Records, a record label who hired Duke Ellington's trumpeter Dave Bartholomew to scout the New Orleans scene for young talent. 

Side A
1. The Kidds - Drunk Drunk Drunk
2. Bernie Williams - Why Fool Yourself
3. Dave Collins and the Scrubs - Bluesy Me
4. The Dukes - Lost Dreams
5. The Bees - Sunny Side of the Street
6. The Barons - Eternally Yours
7. The Dukes - Cotton Picking Hands

Side B
1. Fat Man Matthews and the Four Kittens - Later, Baby
2. The Barons - Boom Boom
3. The Dukes - Teardrop Eyes
4. The Pelicans - Ain't Gonna Do It
5. The Barons - Shake The Dice
6. The Bees - Darling, Please
7. The Dukes - Last Ride

V/A - Munsphone Mixtape: 60s and 70s Sudanese Records

I went back to New Orleans last week, and during my requisite visit to Domino Sound I picked up a couple new mixtapes. This one is a collection of records from the 60s and 70s on the Munsphone label out of Sudan "mixed by an Ethiopian octogenarian." 


1. Hamed Al Rayah - Shalo Alkalam
2. Sayed Khalifa - Jani O Ma Ligani
3. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Min Hobby Feek Ya Jar
4. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Jaboo Al Shabka Yom Al Eid
5. Ibrahim Awad - Att'haddak
6. Sharhabil Ahmed - Lissa Ma Arfeen
7. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ya Gammer Dowwa
8. Mohammed Werdi - Ghattr Al Nedda


1. Sayed Khalifa - Al Wahid Khallaney Wahid
2. Al Belabil - Khatim Al Moon (3 sisters: Hadya, Hayat, & Amal Thulsem)
3. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ferfish
4. Sharhabil Ahmed - Al Laabis al Bumbi
5. Mohammed Werdi - Ma Takh'jely
6. Al Belabil - Lon al Manga
7. Sayed Khalifa - Nana ya Nana
8. Ibrahim Awad - Zahra Nadya
9. Mohammed Werdi - Uzabney Za Zeed Azabuk !song not complete!


V/A - Prince Pauper Rocksteady 102

Rocksteady has become one of my favorite genres of music in a very short amount of time. A big part of my appreciation was from listening to this old mixtape from Domino Sound that Hope had lying around our house. I would type out a tracklist but the tiny typewritten insert is hard to read. There's a few "mainstream" artists like the Maytals on here but plenty of stuff that will be new to people unfamiliar with the genre. I used to put this tape on in my kitchen in New Orleans while I cooked lunch every day, and I can only imagine how much it annoyed my roommate who subsisted mainly on soccer podcasts and bad EDM albums. 

Listen to V/A - Prince Pauper Rocksteady 102

V/A - Square Wave 2: Electronic Music 1955-1983

An excellent compilation of groundbreaking works in a then still-nascent genre. Or to the uninitiated, some haunting textures punctuated by bleeps and bloops. Released by Default Tapes.



Delia Derbyshire - Dreaming (1976)
Raymond Scott - Lightworks (1960)
Slava Tsukerman - Sunset (1982)
Iannis Xenakis - Orient Occident (1960)
Dariush Dolat Shahi-Razm (1983)
Daphne Oram - Manchester 2/Electronic Sound Patterns (1962)
James Tenney - Collage No. 1 Blue Suede (1961)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey - Pinball (1965)
Yannis Vlachopoulous - Morphes 2 (1974)
Claudio Rocchi - Apertura (1975)
Laurie Spiegel - Pentachrome (1980)
Hugh Le Cain - Dripsody (1955)
Tod Dockstader - Pond Dance (1980)
Bruce Haack - When The Music Stops (1972)
Malcolm Clarke - Midsummer Elves/Fairy Appears/Fair Disappears (1976)


Daphne Oram - Hospital (196?)
Richard Maxfield - Night Music (1966)
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Bowery Bum (1964)
Morton Subotnick - Until Spring (1976)
Raymond Scott - The Bassline Generator (1966)
Tod Dockstader - Night Wolves (1980)
Philip Sanderson - Under Press Of Sail (1979)
Conrad Schnitzler - Electric Garden (1978)
Harmonia - Watussi (1974)
Bernard Parmegiani - Pop Eclectic (1968)
Alvin Lucier - North American Time Capsule 1967
Jean Baronnet + Francois Dufrene - u47 (1960)

V/A - Eshet Eshet (Domino Sound 034)

Domino Sound in New Orleans is one of my favorite record stores/labels. Their proprietor has a knack for tracking down extremely rare music and making quality mixtapes from the best of his finds. I was first intrigued after I heard a handful of his Rocksteady/Roots Reggae tapes, but his African mixtapes were what really got to me. You can track down two of those (Ibi Na Bo and The Eyo Beats) elsewhere on the internet, but I had trouble finding the Ethiopian compilation Eshet Eshet anywhere and had an even harder time tracking down info on a lot of the artists it features. These tapes sent me down a formidable wormhole and led me to lots of other great African artists, and I think that's the intent behind these mixes. A note on one of the rocksteady mixtapes reads: "Pass it around, free up the music" and it's in that spirit that I upload this excellent mix. Domino Sound still cranks out tapes once in a while, so keep a look out-- I don't usually buy on blind faith but it's always worked out for me with this label. 


Tracklist is here: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Eshet-Eshet/release/3376728