Mystic Inane Demo

When I moved to New Orleans in February, I knew I wanted to start some new projects but didn't really know what kind of music to play or which of my many talented friends to call upon. Lucky for me, my friends Candice and Phil had just started a band with Drew, a somewhat recent Tampa transplant, and were in need of a fourth to fill in on bass. I'd never played bass in a band, but the opportunity to let someone else to take the songwriting reigns and explore a new instrument sounded very appealing. Plus I knew Candice would write awesome punk tunes, having been in a band with her before and being a fan of she and Phil's band Necro Hippies. 

We just recorded a demo in our practice space and are doing a short cassette run, but here's a download in the meantime. You could ask any of us what we sound like and probably get 4 different answers, but I like to imagine it as a weird blend of Black Flag, No Trend, and School Jerks. An easier way to put this: snotty mid-paced punk rock. 

You can also listen to the whole thing in this youtube clip:

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  1. any chance yall still have any tapes? been trying to track one down...