Ghastly City Sleep- (s/t 12" EP on Robotic Empire)

Typically, when I say, "You really need to come to this show, this band is amazing" I mean it. But sometimes, just sometimes, it's an absolute understatement. Even rarer is the odd occasion that someone actually believes me, checks out the show, and comes back saying, "Holy shit, you were right!"

I did a show for GCS across town, and I was really scared that no one would be there. It was a weekday night, after all. Through some kind of hoodoo or voodoo, the hype machine was set to "stun" and tons of people showed up to see GCS and Man + Building. The place was packed. I suppose thanks is owed to Josh, Jesse, Mitch, and Rory for telling people how amazing this band was going to be.

Their live set is pretty similar to this EP: ambient post-rock with trapped-in-a-cave reverbvocals, sparse guitar work, and tribal drums beating ominously in and out of the foreground. Everyone and their parent or guardian will probably compare them to Radiohead, and they'd be right to do so. The only thing is that I really think this band reaches damn near the same magical level as those Oxford clowns. Where the two differ is in presentation. GCS has this mysterious, anonymous veil draped over them...the vocals are clear and up front, but they're dripped in enough reverb and sung smoothly so that you're not bludgeoned over the head with the dude's personality. I guess what I'm saying is that GCS doesn't have Radiohead's pretense factor. I personally love Radiohead, but sometimes I just get the uncontrollable urge to slap Thom Yorke in the face, you know?

What's really cool to me is the origins of this band-- we're talking serious post-hardcore royalty in the house. Members of City of Caterpillar, Pg.99, and Majority Rule. The triumvirate of awesome post-hardcore from that scene's capitol in the late 90s/early 00s, Richmond, VA. So it's great that this band that has a really professional and mature sound and performance is still down for $5 DIY shows. Like I said, no pretense.

They're new full-length is supposed to be out this year, once again on Robotic Empire, and if they tour then you'd better believe I'll be doing their show. Don't miss it this time and live in shame forever.

check out a couple songs here:

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