16 Songs in 17 Minutes

No bullshit here. 16 tracks of punk/hardcore ranging from the 80s to 2010. Maybe you've heard all these bands, maybe not. It doesn't really matter. I've got most of these bands' full-lengths, so let me know if there's any band you want to hear more of. By the way, this mix borrows a few songs off the great recent comp The World Itself Is a Bad Dream. Seek it out.


ps - the tracklist is in alphabetical order after the 5th track. strangely enough, the order really worked that way.

1. Poison Idea
2. Duress
3. School Jerks
4. Dead Stare
5. Assfactor 4
6. Brain Killer
7. Dead Friends
8. Divisions
9. Dropdead
10. Hatred Surge
11. Herds
12. Knifed
13. No Comment
14. Punch
15. Rational Animals
16. Skewbald/Grand Union