August Mix

Hi, how are you? That's great.

I'm hitting the road next weekend to play a few shows on the East Coast, so I figured I ought to make a lil mix to alternately piss off/please my bandmates. I don't think any of them will enjoy all of these songs, but each of them will probably be into one or more. They're just lucky I didn't upload that Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror" 45 that I like to play at 33 1/2.

Since we play loud and heavy music, I figured I should steer clear of most of that stuff.


1. Freda Payne - Band of Gold

On our recent excursion to Europe, Henry and Chris from Moloch jammed this song in the car almost every day. I had totally forgotten about it until then, and it remained in my head for the next month and a half.

2. Mirah - Don't!

Not to be confused with "Don't Go" or "Don't Die in Me", this is an old Mirah song that was compiled on the oldies/rarities album The Old Days Feeling. Total 50s doo-wop worship in the best way.

3. Orchestra Baobab - Seeri Koko

I culled this song from an excellent mixtape called The Eyo Beats that Hope picked up from Domino Sound in NOLA. It's all African music from 1960-1970. I must've listened to this song seven times in a row, seriously. I'm not any sort of reggae aficionado, but this is scratchy lo-fi goodness of the best kind.

4. Nas - One Love (MF Doom remix)

This is from Special Blends Vol.1, one of many Doom albums that a co-worker of mine turned me onto long ago in a dishroom far, far away. This is one of those rare instances where a cover/remix actually tops the original.

5. Witchcraft - I Know You Killed Someone

From the ultra-rare, ultra-coveted If Crimson Was Your Color 7", a record I look for in every shop I go to. I actually found it in Santa Cruz last summer, but $14 sticker price was a little rich for my blood.

6. Chumbawamba - Liberation

This is the old anarcho-punk Chumbawamba that most casual music listeners never take the time to get to know. Protest music of the highest order, totally inspiring.

7. Honey Bane - Boring Conversations

I learned of this lady's band through my friend Beck. They were on Crass's label, and she was on the run from the law when this album was cut.

8. Blouse - Into Black

This is a band that I probably would've hated a few years back. They (along with another band on this mix, Minks) have put stuff out on a trendy New York label and their shows are probably populated with annoying folks with calculated haircuts. Still, the music is great, and I can't fault them for their fanbase.

9. The Smashing Pumpkins - Here Is No Why

I got this album in 5th or 6th grade and listened to it constantly. The guitar solo in this song is in my top five of all time (The first solo in "Bohemian Rhapsody" is number one, I think).

10. Minks - Bruises

Good lazy morning music, or when you're stuck inside during inclement weather. This is from live radio session that was released as Araby.

11. Weekend - End Times

Driving shoegaze-ish new wave. I don't understand why I don't like New Order but I'm down with stuff like this.

12. The Magnetic Fields - I Think I Need a New Heart

I used to hear this song on the radio all the time, and after about ten times it finally grew on me. Now I can fully appreciate the coldly depressing lyrics juxtaposed behind some upbeat guitar and Latin rhythms. This dude plays all the instruments on his records.

13. Adrian Orange - Blushing

This is the one all of my bandmates will probably hate. The lyrics are just great, though. I would never think to start off a song with the line, "have you ever seen an asshole crying?" but I'm glad this guy did.

14. Callers - More Than Right

I talk about this band so much that I probably don't need to say anymore. I listen to this song every morning, the earlier the morning the better.

15. Knife in the Water - Sundown, Sundown

An awesome Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra cover done by an obscure 90s alt-country-rock band. They named their band after the Roman Polanski film, but of course this was years before we all learned what a creep that asshole was.