Awkward Soul

Here's a mix I made today for no apparent reason. It's got some hardcore, soul, weirdo shit, and some other music than lines the cracks of all those things.


01 Randy Crawford - Street Life
02 The Men - Lazarus
03 Los Gatos Negros - Canadian Ending
04 Sonic Youth - Kill Yr Idols
05 SQRM - Upsidedown Cross
06 Aerosols - Afterthought
07 Boris - untitled
08 Nerveskade - side two of 7"
09 Cower - untitled
10 Slavescene - Fuck Off Away From Me
11 Pygmy Shrews - Your Party Sucks
12 Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family - Troublemaker
13 5 Revolutions - Kulemela Kwa Bambo Wanga
14 uncredited turkmen - untitled
15 Exploding Hearts - Throwaway Style
16 Mirah - Recommendation
17 Martha & The Vandellas - Heatwave



The first time I ever went to Portland, my band shared a bill with these dudes in a ratty basement. I had heard a couple of their tracks online (thanks, Miguel) and was super super excited to see them. 3 young kids, still in high school, playing brutal powerviolence. Then they discovered marijuana and rode that wave from slippery Eyehategod-style riffs to full-on psychriffery. Their live show blends the old and new material, but I'm gonna upload these older trax that Bryan sent me a couple months back. Thou/Cower split is in the works right now (they already have their side written) and should hopefully be out before our European tour this summer. You can download their newest album for free on their bandcamp site here: Land Before Time