Morning Music

Good morning. Today it is cold and rainy outside, but I have the day off and am drinking coffee at my desk. Here are two albums I like to listen to in the morning when I'm not quite ready for an all-out aural assault.

The first is by a band called the Callers. They are from New York and they are amazing. They just dropped a new album, but Hope and I haven't gotten around to ripping the vinyl to mp3 yet, so here's their old album, Fortune. You will love it, I promise.

The Callers -- Fortune

The second is by Cassette, an acoustic project by a lady named Samantha Jones, who was in that band Bitchin. Just mellow acoustic jams with some sparse drumming and bass work here and there.

Cassette - s/t

Diet Cokeheads

Oh, my. Here's an awesome band that's part of the ever-prolific Florida noise-punk thing that's happening now. Drink the shit that's under your kitchen sink and crank these jams to 11. Just listening to this right now makes me want to quit my job and faceplant straight into slacker heaven. Dissonant, heavy, and absurd. For people who are too fucked up to give a shit. Naw, fuck that. For people who are too lazy to even download this shit. This, of course, is all a ringing endorsement.

If you're in BR, come see them at 869 Violet on 9/21.