Morning Music

Good morning. Today it is cold and rainy outside, but I have the day off and am drinking coffee at my desk. Here are two albums I like to listen to in the morning when I'm not quite ready for an all-out aural assault.

The first is by a band called the Callers. They are from New York and they are amazing. They just dropped a new album, but Hope and I haven't gotten around to ripping the vinyl to mp3 yet, so here's their old album, Fortune. You will love it, I promise.

The Callers -- Fortune

The second is by Cassette, an acoustic project by a lady named Samantha Jones, who was in that band Bitchin. Just mellow acoustic jams with some sparse drumming and bass work here and there.

Cassette - s/t

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  1. CRIME DESIRE ep is good ... i wasn't into "id music" because of the vocals, but "in lucifer's grip" is a good midway between those and the s/t 12in which sits really well on the music. go back and get it, if you can.