V/A - Eshet Eshet (Domino Sound 034)

Domino Sound in New Orleans is one of my favorite record stores/labels. Their proprietor has a knack for tracking down extremely rare music and making quality mixtapes from the best of his finds. I was first intrigued after I heard a handful of his Rocksteady/Roots Reggae tapes, but his African mixtapes were what really got to me. You can track down two of those (Ibi Na Bo and The Eyo Beats) elsewhere on the internet, but I had trouble finding the Ethiopian compilation Eshet Eshet anywhere and had an even harder time tracking down info on a lot of the artists it features. These tapes sent me down a formidable wormhole and led me to lots of other great African artists, and I think that's the intent behind these mixes. A note on one of the rocksteady mixtapes reads: "Pass it around, free up the music" and it's in that spirit that I upload this excellent mix. Domino Sound still cranks out tapes once in a while, so keep a look out-- I don't usually buy on blind faith but it's always worked out for me with this label. 


Tracklist is here: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Eshet-Eshet/release/3376728

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