Rainbow of Death + recent shows


Put this motherfucker on first thing in the morning while you're waiting for the water to boil and your day will be replete with joy. Somehow blurring the lines between J-pop, fastcore, and mid-tempo punk, Rainbow of Death unleashed a full-frontal assault back in 2007 when this EP came out. Who knows why I didn't hear about it until a couple months ago, but now I'm addicted. Blast-beat driven walls of white noise give way to dance party punk parts that eventually segway into just a fragment of catchy, sing-song melody before shifting right back into powerviolent noise. Over and over. Pop-violence? Something like that.

Later, on side B, you hear some caterwauling feedback that turns into a mock-"Reign in Blood" intro before morphing into a riff that's a little more 80's D.C. punk than Kerry King's whammy-bar rants. It's a neat little trick they pull.
This whole album is an absolute treat. Check out their other band, Monarch, if you want to hear what the near-polar opposite of this band sounds like. Fuck I wish this band was still around and going on tour in the states!

I'm pretty sure this thing is out of print...luckily someone sold me their copy last week! Check ebay.


II. 2 quick show reviews:

-Captured by Robots / justinbailey @ the Spanish Moon

I first heard CBR when I was working a terrible restaraunt job and my coworker put it on the stereo in the kitchen. There's gimmick bands and then there's GIMMICK BANDS and CBR falls into the latter category. For the uninitiated: this dude built robots and programmed them be his backing band. Awesome premise, no doubt, but how does it translate live? Personally, I thought it was pretty boring after the initial 15-minute shock of seeing these things move around and "play" their parts. The music is nothing special and the dude's personality in between songs was a bit grating. For $8, I wasn't complaining. Justinbailey opened up the show and did what they do so well: a blend of metal, hardcore, emo, and punk that effectively sidesteps all the bad parts of all those genres mixed in with a healthy dose of drunken bombast. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn't drunk enough on a cold weeknight to give them their due. You gotta see them on a Saturday night during summer when everyone's ready to let loose. It's really somethin else.

-Melters / Lovey Doveys @ The Circle Bar (New Orleans)

I don't care if it's biased that I review my friends' bands. This was a great show. Melters have that sweet new-wave-informed-pop-punk melodic sensibility crossed with Nirvana's fuck-it attitude. The hooks are simply undeniable and the drumming is as solid as you'll find 'round these parts. The two ladies next to me at the show remarked, "Usually you have to sit through some crap before the band you want to see comes on, but this is awesome! What a nice surprise!"

The Lovey Doveys share a little DNA with the Melters but have a way beefier sound and a more drunken presentation. Grunge via the Replacements? It rules, whatever the case. Great hooks, plenty of heartfelt attitude, oh...and that totally rad Jaguar Bass. Man I wanted to steal that thing, and I don't even play bass.

This show was totally fun.

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