Now that we've finally found a wireless network to connect to at home, I can begin my slow climb up the monolithic slopes that make up the mountain range of new music that I've been missing out on. Last night I got my grubby paws on a slew of new and old releases, mainly punk and hardcore. Let's get things started:

PUNCH - S/T (2009 Discos Huelga)

Good god. This is where it's at. Absolutely crucial vegan straight-edge hardcore from the Bay Area with window-shattering vocals that kind of remind me of Kat from Salome at her screechiest. Quick songs, no bullshit, and brilliant lyrics:

Deodorant and Alzheimer’s? Deodorant and breast cancer? Forget it. You’re over reacting. Research shows nine out of ten consumers prefer the smell of chemicals to people, which certainly makes it easier to sell."

You need this band in your life, pronto.


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