V/A - Prince Pauper Rocksteady 102

Rocksteady has become one of my favorite genres of music in a very short amount of time. A big part of my appreciation was from listening to this old mixtape from Domino Sound that Hope had lying around our house. I would type out a tracklist but the tiny typewritten insert is hard to read. There's a few "mainstream" artists like the Maytals on here but plenty of stuff that will be new to people unfamiliar with the genre. I used to put this tape on in my kitchen in New Orleans while I cooked lunch every day, and I can only imagine how much it annoyed my roommate who subsisted mainly on soccer podcasts and bad EDM albums. 

Listen to V/A - Prince Pauper Rocksteady 102

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting these cassettes, am looking forward to listening to them. On this one, mediafire gives an error for side two