V/A - Munsphone Mixtape: 60s and 70s Sudanese Records

I went back to New Orleans last week, and during my requisite visit to Domino Sound I picked up a couple new mixtapes. This one is a collection of records from the 60s and 70s on the Munsphone label out of Sudan "mixed by an Ethiopian octogenarian." 


1. Hamed Al Rayah - Shalo Alkalam
2. Sayed Khalifa - Jani O Ma Ligani
3. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Min Hobby Feek Ya Jar
4. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Jaboo Al Shabka Yom Al Eid
5. Ibrahim Awad - Att'haddak
6. Sharhabil Ahmed - Lissa Ma Arfeen
7. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ya Gammer Dowwa
8. Mohammed Werdi - Ghattr Al Nedda


1. Sayed Khalifa - Al Wahid Khallaney Wahid
2. Al Belabil - Khatim Al Moon (3 sisters: Hadya, Hayat, & Amal Thulsem)
3. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ferfish
4. Sharhabil Ahmed - Al Laabis al Bumbi
5. Mohammed Werdi - Ma Takh'jely
6. Al Belabil - Lon al Manga
7. Sayed Khalifa - Nana ya Nana
8. Ibrahim Awad - Zahra Nadya
9. Mohammed Werdi - Uzabney Za Zeed Azabuk !song not complete!



  1. Greetings,

    This is an exceptional mixtape of very unique quality! I haven't seen/heard so many Sudanese artists gathered in one place like yours! Perfect. You can check my own blog which has many Sudanese music, too. I enjoyed downloading your mixtape so much!

    Note: if you wish to resell these 45 RPMs, I am willing to buy them from you with good prices. I do collect Sudanese music for a historical purpose. Just state your asking price and we can negotiate that. My e is hythammer at gmail dot com.



    1. Thanks for your interest, good to know someone out there is listening! I don't own any of these records, this is from a cassette. I wish I could track down some of those 45s, though they are incredibly expensive from what I've seen. Cheers.