V/A - Lost Dreams: The New Orleans Vocal Groups

This is a short overview of the brief New Orleans doo-wop scene of the 1950s as seen through the lens of Imperial Records, a record label who hired Duke Ellington's trumpeter Dave Bartholomew to scout the New Orleans scene for young talent. 

Side A
1. The Kidds - Drunk Drunk Drunk
2. Bernie Williams - Why Fool Yourself
3. Dave Collins and the Scrubs - Bluesy Me
4. The Dukes - Lost Dreams
5. The Bees - Sunny Side of the Street
6. The Barons - Eternally Yours
7. The Dukes - Cotton Picking Hands

Side B
1. Fat Man Matthews and the Four Kittens - Later, Baby
2. The Barons - Boom Boom
3. The Dukes - Teardrop Eyes
4. The Pelicans - Ain't Gonna Do It
5. The Barons - Shake The Dice
6. The Bees - Darling, Please
7. The Dukes - Last Ride

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