Miniature Album Reviews

Here's a little list of new stuff/old stuff that I've been jamming.

Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
At first I was thinking this was way too twangy and country for me, but there are some incredible songs on here. "Hold On, Hold On" is so awesome that I listened to it 3 times in a row when I got a copy of this CD. Awesome harmonies and smart lyrics that aren't about love. The production is a little too slick for my tastes, but it works here.

Boris - Heavy Rock Hits 7" Series Vol. 1 & 2
I know you can't really predict this band's next step, but still I have to ask: just what in the hell is going on here? Vol. 1 starts off with a cool spacey indie thing called "8" but the B-side is some weird dance-y pop song. Ok, not so bad. But Vol. 2 expands on the pop stuff in a way that isn't very exciting at all. The song "Heavy Metal Addict" is the worst thing they've ever done. Just pure crap. I applaud all attempts to alienate fanbases, but this just wasn't really worth my money.

Young Widows & Melt-Banana - Split 7"
Two bands I like that have very little in common. On this 7" they both stick to the formula: a tense, driving thing from Young Widows and a spastic synthed-out rocker from Melt-Banana. Both solid songs, but the Young Widows side is waaaay two short. 7" records that spin at 45 aren't my the time you sit down to look at the lyrics you have to get up to flip the record over. Good release, though.

Harvey Milk - 7"
Awesome record. Side one is a sludgy metal tune with an interesting hook and side two is a sort-of awkward Leonard Cohen song that totally works. Put this slab 'o wax on if you find yourself home alone and drunk late at night. Eclectic, and totally worth my $4.

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